Walter Otto Koenig Architectural Photography

Born into a family of photographers, I was exposed to photography from a very early age. I learned to develop and print photographs in 1973. In 2004 I switched to digital equipment. I am more involved than ever in photography with various projects, commissions and the organization of photo shoots, workshops and for a large photo group, as well as private instruction. Most of my work can be seen on my General Photography site which has had over 7 million hits and over 150,000 comments. You can see it at the link on the right.

Proficient at many types of photography through my activities, my specialty is architectural photography. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing prints, use of files for web sites, photography lessons or to schedule a photo shoot.

I am also the founder and organizer of the Pacific Photographic Society based in San Diego, one of the most active, highly rated, hands on photo groups in the country with over 2,000 members.

I am a member of:

PPA - Professional Photographers of America

PPC - Professional Photographers of California

NPPA - National Press Photographers Association

NPS - Nikon Professional Services

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